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Deliver Something Meaningful: The Miter Commitment

As we start to build up the team here at Miter, we wanted to take some space to walk prospective candidates through our culture and values. Today we are tackling another aspect of Miter’s culture, namely what Miter owes to its customers. When you first sit down to define your company values, it is really easy to look internally and to think only about the experience of working at the company. I know this because there was at least one draft of the Miter Values where we looked at each other and said, “wait, what happened to the customers?” Luckily, at Miter we’ve learned to laugh at ourselves

Deliver Something Meaningful

At Miter, our commitment is to deliver something meaningful. We’ve come together to deliver real, differentiated value to our customers—specifically, to improve how teams collaborate. When we make trade-offs and prioritize competing objectives, we do so through the lens of that quest. At the end of the day, the customer’s success is our success. 

Understand our customers

We need to understand our customers, both current and prospective. That means listening to them, interviewing and researching them, and analyzing them. It doesn’t always mean giving them what they say they want, but it does mean empathizing with and building relationships with them. It may mean choosing to focus on a specific market segment and choosing not to service another segment. We seek to make these choices from a place of understanding. 

Meaningful means the forest and the trees

Details matter. Not all of the details all of the time—we need to figure out where the 80/20 is good enough and where we need something more complete. But polish is only part of the picture: You can’t always iterate your way to something meaningful. We need big thinking and incremental improvement in the right proportions. 

Vision beyond the numbers

Data helps us understand reality, but doesn’t create it. Miter is looking to create a bold new path for team collaboration. We start with a bold vision and then test our assumptions by modelling them out. The data will never tell us where to go—only where we’ve been. To deliver something meaningful, we need to identify the right risks, be comfortable stepping off into the void with them, and then pursue them pragmatically from there.

Create creativity

Big, innovative ideas don’t come from born geniuses—they come from teams empowered to create.We invest in building an environment where great, customer-centric ideas can flourish and smart risk-taking is rewarded.

Embrace agility and uncertainty

Learning and flexibility is a far more useful set of skills than long-term roadmaps and goal-setting. The future will always be uncertain, but building our ability to adapt to that future into our company DNA is always the work of the present. 

Get shit done. 

It's deliver something meaningful, not conceive something meaningful. Meaning without delivery doesn’t help anyone. ’Nuff said. 

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