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Strength in Diversity: The Miter Commitment

As part of our series exploring Miter’s values, today we are covering a critical aspect of who we are, and who we’re not. While we expect all of our culture and values posts to stay updated over time, we expect this post in particular to be updated frequently. This is, in part, an expression of humility: plenty of highly-skilled teams have set out to achieve diversity and stumbled; we want to do better than that and we have yet to prove that we can. It is also an expression of practicality: there is only so much diversity a two-person organization can embody. 

Even by the standards of two-person organizations, Dave and Damian are pretty similar. We’ll look to formalize our diversity reporting over time, but for now (current as of March, 2021) here are a few select Miter Employee stats that highlight those similarities: 

  • 100% Identify as Male
  • 100% Identify as White
  • 100% Have 4-Year College Degrees (both Harvard, if you can believe it)
  • 100% Over 40 Years of Age
  • 0% are Parents 
  • 0% are Veterans

On the other hand, we do have a little variety: 

  • 50% Have Graduate Degrees
  • 50% Identify as LGBTQ+

One of our first tasks, then, is to diversify the team by age, race and gender. We think it’s important to declare at the outset that we will work towards a distribution of employees that reflects what we see in the overall US workforce rather than just the current skewed distributions in the tech industry. 

We also want to challenge ourselves to think beyond the bare minimum enshrined in law. We want a mix of socioeconomic backgrounds, educational attainment, life experience. We want neurodiversity. We want to be talent magnets.  We know that talent comes in many forms and we look to find it in places that Silicon Valley has traditionally missed. 

Why Diversity?

So, why is diversity important to us—and not just important, but important enough to be a top-level value? A diverse, inclusive team makes us strong—if we not only hire for it but empower it. That’s supported by data, and it’s axiomatic for us—self-evident. Here’s how we plan to make it a reality.

We are aggressive in hiring for diversity.

The natural thing to do is to hire folks just like you. It may feel great, but it leads to groupthink and missed opportunities. (“Would you get a beer with”.... ) Look for people who challenge your preconceptions. They are the ones who will push you to greatness.  

Diversity means different opinions and perspectives

This is not an exercise in optics. It is a deliberate choice to bring together people with different views of the world, different ways of thinking, and different personalities. We support and foster inclusive discussion so we understand and learn from one another. It makes us stronger as a company, and as individuals. 

Long-term strength comes with short-term costs & trade-offs

To achieve diversity we have to act: it’s a strategic business choice that is only meaningful if practiced consistently. It may mean fixed costs up front in terms of time-to-hire or time-to-decision. It may be frustrating. It may mean we have to rely on processes to dampen our natural biases for specific types of outcomes. At the end of the day, we know this leads to stronger results. And, it can’t be put off for a time when it feels easier. 

Always consider the consequences

We design  products to influence how other teams operate. By being deliberate, we can foster diversity and inclusiveness amongst our users. If we’re not careful, we can easily accomplish the opposite; never forget that good intentions are not enough to ensure good outcomes. We cannot be blind to the impact our decisions have on the world.

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