Miter: Really Early Access

We built a thing! It's not a true product yet, but rather a working prototype designed to test our key hypotheses. We think it'll be useful, but that's for you to decide! We're grateful for your help in testing it out. Send any and all feedback to

Download for Chrome / Edge

Things to Try

  1. After installing, open up GCal (or refresh if it's open already) and sign into Miter.
  2. Create a new meeting in GCal. Note how you're prompted differently for the title, and for a goal. How does it feel? How about a few days later?
  3. Click on an existing meeting to see its goal.
  4. Select a meeting and click Open in Miter to open our app.
  5. Use the app to take notes with your team. (If they don't have Miter, you can hit the share button upper right and send them the link.)
  6. Click a note to mark as decision, action item, or pinned note.
  7. When you're done, end the meeting to see it after-action report. Share the URL with anyone who might be interested. Or, copy the Markdown/HTML and paste into a doc or email.