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Miter for Zoom: Docs


  1. Launch Zoom and ensure your Zoom application is up to date. Do this even if you've enabled auto-update::
      Windows: Click your profile picture in the upper right of Zoom's main window and select Check for Updates.
      Mac: Open the menu at the top left of your screen and selectCheck for Updates.
  2. Go to Miter's Zoom App in Zoom's App Marketplace.
  3. If you see a blue Sign In to Add button, click that and sign into Zoom.
  4. Depending on how your Zoom account is set up, you should see one of two things:
    Screenshot of Add button in Zoom App Marketplace

    If you see Visit Site to Add, click it to begin installation. Then click Authorize at the bottom of the next screen. Once you do, Miter will be ready to use and you'll be prompted to open the Zoom application.

    Screenshot of Request Approval button in Zoom App Marketplace

    If you see Request to Add, you'll need approval from your organization's Zoom administrator. Click the button, but note that your administrator will not be notified; you'll have to tell them To find your Zoom account owner, see "Account Owner" in your Zoom Account Profile. (If your admin isn't sure what to do, refer them to our Admin Guide.)

  5. That's it! If you're already in a Zoom meeting, you should see Miter appear in your Zoom window.


Zoom says I'm signed out and can't use apps.

  • Always ensure the Zoom application is already open on your computer before you join a meeting. Sometimes, if you open a Zoom meeting from a link (e.g., from your calendar or an email) and the Zoom application isn't already open, you'll join the meeting signed out and won't have access to your Zoom Apps. If this happens, simply quit Zoom, reopen it, then join your meeting.
  • When you sign into Zoom, if you trust the computer you're using, check the "Keep me signed in" checkbox

When I try to install, I'm seeing a notification like this:

Popup 'needs preapproval' notification

Sometimes this notification appears when you try to install, even if you don't have an account admin. Try refreshing your browser. It should go away, though you may then see an additional box with a switch to preapprove the app yourself before installing.

I've been invited to the app but nothing happens when I click View

You may have an older version of the Zoom application. Try checking for updates as described above.

I looked for the Apps button but I don't see it.

You may have an older version of the Zoom application. Try checking for updates as described above.

Using Miter in Zoom

  1. Hover over your Zoom meeting window and click the Apps button at the bottom:
    Zoom meeting with Apps button
  2. A list of your installed apps will appear. Click on Miter and it will appear alongside your video, like this:
    Miter visible in a Zoom meeting window
  3. Use Miter's initial screen to establish a goal and topics for your meeting. Then click Start.
  4. Take notes collaboratively with your team in Miter's chat-like notes box.
  5. Hover over any note and use the menu that appears to mark it as an outcome: a decision, an action item, or a starred note.
  6. When you're wrapping up, click the Finish button to preview your summary—you'll see everything you marked as an outcome there and have the opportunity to make adjustments.
  7. After the meeting, we'll email the summary to everyone who joined the Zoom or was on the calendar invite.


  1. Visit the Zoom App Marketplace and sign in.
  2. Click Manage in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Installed Apps on the left to see all your installed Zoom apps. If there are a lot, you can search for Miter.
  4. Click the Uninstall button next to Miter.

This will revoke Miter's access to Zoom and remove the Miter app from your Zoom apps on all devices. Don't worry: we won't delete your meeting summaries or other meeting data, nor will it affect your connection between Miter and Google Calendar if you've set that up. If you want us to delete all your data, contact us.