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Screenshot of Miter in Zoom

Run better meetings.

Nine out of ten attendees agree: this meeting sucks. And why are there ten people here, anyway? Miter provides powerful tools and a simplified workflow to help you deliver productive meetings and clear outcomes, with less work.

See Miter in Action

Shared goals, real-time outcomes, facilitation in a box, automated summaries, centralized action items...get a one-minute crash course.

Miter's pre-meeting planning screen with goal and topics

Less planning. Better plans.

It's true: agendas don't make better meetings—at least not reliably. So, skip the "agenda theater" and plan better, faster. Miter focuses you on a specific, outcome-oriented, shared goal and a simple list of topics.

Planning with Miter is so easy, you can do it in the first two minutes of the meeting!

Miter's note-taking experience, showing marking a note as an action item

Outcomes or it didn't happen.

Does anybody actually read transcripts? (We asked: they don't.) Keep track of what really happened in your meeting with Miter.

Synthesize together with lightweight, collaborative note-taking.Assign action items as you go with a simple @-mention.Collect outcomes with a single click, in real time: action items, decisions, starred notes.

The Brainstorm dynamic

Facilitation in a box.

Three people arguing while five watch--we've all been there. And we can do better.

With Dynamics, you get active facilitation on demand: structures like Brainstorm, Prioritize, and Ask Everyone that guide the discussion toward its goal while you focus on participating.

A Miter summary in Gmail

Concise, effortless summaries.

When the meeting ends, Miter gives give you a clean, concise summary. Not all the notes. Not a rehash of the agenda. Just what you need to answer the question, "What really happened in that meeting?"

We automatically send the summary to everyone in the meeting. Or with just a few clicks, you can share it with anyone you like.

A Miter summary in Gmail

Action items that get done.

After the meeting, where do your action items go? Are they lost? Are they buried in a doc somewhere?

With Miter, action items have lives of their own--open the Miter dashboard to see everything assigned to you, and to everyone else too. So stuff can actually get done.

And for recurring meetings, just click the Past Times button to see action items and decisions from last time.

Screenshots of Miter for web, GCal, and Zoom

Our workflow in your workflow.

Miter works where you are. Prep your meetings in Google Calendar with ourChrome extension;run them in Zoom using ourZoom App;view summaries in Gmail; and find everything in our web app.

Our Approach

When we say "meeting," what do you feel? Boredom? Frustration? Panic? For most of us, meetings are a necessary evil, an inescapable distraction from actuallygetting work done.

At Miter, we think that’s crazy. Meetings should bepart of getting the work done. They can be energizing and constructive. With clear outcomes. And donuts. Or at least donut emojis.

We've looked at the research. The difference between a bad meeting and a good one isn't complex agendas, or a timekeeper, or lengthy pre-reads. You can prep a great meeting in a minute or two. And you don't need to be a professional facilitator.

But you can use a little help.

Miter guides you to better meetings. We're rooted in organizational behavior and behavioral science, so we focus you on just the things you need to set your meeting up for success. We work in concert with the tools you already use, like Zoom and Google Calendar. We combine meeting science, choice architecture, and superb user experience to produce meeting magic.

So people walk out of your meeting saying, “That was great!”

Get Involved

The best way to get involved is totake Miter for a spin,try it in your meetings, and use our Feedback button liberally.

Not enough? Wanna get more involved? Become a Miter fan? Well, OK, if you say so. Drop us your email and we'll keep you informed.