“What a great meeting!”

Nine out of ten attendees agree: this meeting sucks. The tenth? Yeah, it's you, running the meeting. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Miter, meetings are productive and deliver meaningful outcomes. Plus, better meetings equals fewer meetings: less video, more getting stuff done.

Worst. Meeting. Ever.

“Once, my boss got fired in the middle of a presentation we were giving together.”
“Alvin”, Product Designer
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What’s your worst meeting ever? Shock and amaze the world with your harrowing tale of toxic dysfunction.

What is Miter?

Everybody hates meetings. They’re long, boring, and exhausting—and that was before they all went remote. Now, it’s just relentless. 

But we still need to coordinate, collaborate, and make great decisions. Good meetings can be energizing! Progress is made. Alignment is achieved. Donuts—OK, donut emojis—are served. 

Miter is here to help—before, during, and after the meeting. We combine the latest meeting science, an impeccably-crafted user experience, and just a smidge of, “Oh yeah, I should have a goal for this,” to produce meeting magic. Miter makes you the meeting hero your team needs. 

Before the Meeting

Who has time to plan? Miter assembles the topics, people, decision points, and structure for meeting success—without extra work for you.

During the Meeting

Are we on track? Miter organizes your meeting on the fly—so you cover the right ground, and achieve the right outcomes.

After the Meeting

Wait, what did we decide? Miter pushes decisions and actions to the people who need them and the systems where they’ll get done.

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