Miter will be shutting down on December 14. Learn More

Miter is Shutting Down

On December 14, 2022 after 12:00 PST, Miter will be shutting down our product permanently. View original home page →

Why is Miter shutting down?

We set out to fix bad meetings. We believed that by offering a product with an opinionated, research-backed workflow we could help motivated people improve their meetings and make better use of their teams' time and energy. But ultimately, we couldn't find those motivated people. And we weren't alone: in the past year we've watched several of our larger competitors close down their products, too. Does that mean software can't improve meetings? Not necessarily. But our experience has led us to conclude it would need to be a very different sort of software.

We've learned a lot--about meetings, about the people who conduct them, about the opportunities for and limitations of applying behavioral science to product design, and about the roller-coaster ride that is founding a startup. We're hoping to share some of that insight over time; if you're interested, followDave on Medium.

What will happen to my data?

After Dec 14, you will lose access to the product: our web app at will no longer be available, and our Zoom app and Chrome extension will be removed from their respective stores and will cease to function. If you'd like to preserve a meeting's summary or notes after Dec 14, you can send them to yourself using the Send Summary button on the summary screen; or copy the summary content using the Share button (to the left of Send Summary).

When we discontinue the product on Dec 14, we will also delete its data. We expect to keep an encrypted backup copy of that data, but will delete that backup after a few months in order to protect your privacy and security.

Thank you.

Even a four-person startup can't exist without a lot of people. Thank you to our fantastic advisors, Dr. Ashley Whillans and Alex Frieder, for being far more involved and engaged than we had any right to expect. To our investors-- MaC, Reach, Newark, Aaron, Chrix, Devin, and Zac--for their ongoing support and advice, including and especially when times got tough. To our spouses and pets and families and friends for being there, and putting up with us through the ups and downs and utter craziness of early-stage startup life--and for not freaking out when we said we might want to do it again sometime. And to you: whether this is your first visit to our website or you're an active Miter user and feedbacker. We made this for you, and we thank you for giving it a chance. We'll see you the next time around.

--Alejandro, Damian, Dave, & Nico